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Most Popular - Width: 12mm, Length: 900mm (approximately when flat). 

Also available in 10mm and 15mm Width.

Tubular Screen Printed Polyester Lanyards are a perfect low-cost option when a highly functional, great-looking lanyard is needed on a lower budget! Tubular polyester lanyards are still incredibly durable and make an excellent promotional tool. Custom tubular lanyards are wide enough to allow an easily visible imprint area, but the diamond-knit style uses less material than a standard polyester lanyard and accepts dye much more easily.

Stock Lanyard Colours

This is our selection of stock lanyard colours available. Select a colour from this range to save on cost as there is no dye fee.

This wide selection of colours covers corporate, education and most common sporting and industy colours.

Stock colours are available on all lanyard width, at 15mm, 20mm or 25mm width.

(Stock colours not available on dye sublimated lanyards)

  • Safety Breakaway

    All lanyards are priced in and included a safety breakaway unless requested otherwise. The safebreakaway is positioned on the back of the neck, it can be also located on either side.

  • Standard Clips

    All Lanyards are priced in and include one of five end clips. Pick from swivel clip, j-hook, o-ring, mobile phone holder or aligator clip.