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We offer a huge variety of styles, print options, material selections and so much more. Everything from standard lanyards to eco-friendly solutions. 

Request a quote for the below options, if the lanyard you require is not on this list, advise our staff what you are looking for and we can quote from your specifications.

  • Nylon Lanyard Offset Print
  • Woven Lanyard Screen Print
  • Tubular Woven
  • Satin Ribbon Lanyard Screen Print/Weave/Reflective
  • Bamboo Lanyard Screen Print
  • Recycled PET Lanyard
  • Recycled Cotton Lanyard
  • Neoprene Lanyard
  • Canvas Lanyard
  • Round Cord Lanyard
  • 3D Printed Lanyard
  • Glow in the Dark Lanyard
  • Glitter Print Lanyard
  • Foil Print Lanyard
  • Metallic Stamp Lanyard
  • Zipper Lanyard
  • and more...

 All lanyards come complete with an easily detachable safety breakaway which is located at the back of the lanyard in position with the back of the user’s neck.

Stock Lanyard Colours

This is our selection of stock lanyard colours available. Select a colour from this range to save on cost as there is no dye fee.

This wide selection of colours covers corporate, education and most common sporting and industy colours.

Stock colours are available on all lanyard width, at 15mm, 20mm or 25mm width.

(Stock colours not available on dye sublimated lanyards)

  • Safety Breakaway

    All lanyards are priced in and included a safety breakaway unless requested otherwise. The safebreakaway is positioned on the back of the neck, it can be also located on either side.

  • Standard Clips

    All Lanyards are priced in and include one of five end clips. Pick from swivel clip, j-hook, o-ring, mobile phone holder or aligator clip.