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"Specialest is sourcing products"

Product Sourcing

Identifying Sources

As well as supplying our core products, Logopromo specialises in product sourcing. Our personal commitment to our customers in providing exceptional quality, turnaround, and around-the-clock service, all at an affordable price.

We provide orders on large runs and specialise in sourcing for customers seeking small production runs.

There is much more uncertainty in sourcing from abroad than home. Often people rely more on chance than they do when dealing with domestic sources. We carefully listen to you and understand your needs before we start to leverage the networking, database and tools we have to locate the right sources.

We work direct with factories to ensure each product is designed and manufactured to your clients needs. We aim to assist promotional distributors to provide idea-to-distribution marketing products, branding capabilities on all products.

We take out 

Time consuming – managing factory relationships can be time consuming. The time spent managing your supply chain could be better spent on the sales and marketing for your product. 
Language barriers – your chosen factory may or may not have a good grasp of your local language, meaning key commercial and technical points may be misunderstood by either party
Uncertainty over product quality – A Chinese factory will normally inspect the goods themselves before they are shipped. This may mean you won’t know for certain if the goods meet your requirements until they arrive at your warehouse (and after you’ve paid for them!)

We put in

Quality assurance – we can organise independent quality inspection of goods before they’re sent over, providing reassurance that the goods are up to scratch before they land in your warehouse
Local point of contact – an account manager in your own country to help with your enquiries, making it easier to deal with clients within normal business hours (regardless of which country they’re in), Continuous communication and management are very important for a successful operation, especially when there are more than one suppliers. Our experienced managers help you to make sure that the product requirements are clearly communicated and the production is properly planned. 
Access to contacts and expertise – established for many years with experience in sourcing from China, enabling us to pass on that expertise at all stages of the process.  We have a excellent network of factories, allowing quickly access with the best factories  

Logistics - Finally, a single point of contact who manages all the logistics with multiple suppliers. We handle all details from artwork approval to production. We cover all freight service such as Sea, Air and express. We use China and Australian freight agents to ensure products are delivered on time.